B is a designer, artist, technologist, researcher, activist and producer. She creates collaborative and data-driven prototypes, sometimes as design speculations, art works, interventions, or proof of concept and other times just to play.

B’s research focus is on exploring the emergent relationship between humans and artificial intelligence technologies, driven by personal data and interacted with through natural language interfaces (‘things that do, talk and feel’).

This informs her practice which aims to empowering people to challenge, discuss and participate in technology development, a process in which the wider public (the consumers), are largely left out of.  The intentions is to unmask the complexity of emergent technologies, in particular Ai powered systems, and challenge the bias, power, ethics and influence imbued within them.

For the last 17 years she has been part of the i-DAT Collective collaborating across disciplines, sectors and cultures to generate playful experimentation with creative technology.