Women Reclaiming AI 2018 – 2020





Women Reclaiming AI (WRAI) is a collaborative AI Voice Assistant made by and for self-identifying women. It is created through a series of free, inclusive and collaborative workshops with the ambition of growing a community and a shared data-set which better represents its users.

The project is a response to the pervasive depiction of AI voice assistants gendered as women; subordinate and serving. It aims to reclaim female voices in the development of future AI systems by empowering women to harness conversational AI as a medium for protest.

You can speak to the evolving voice assistant at womenreclaimingai.com and see its visual representation (GAN – generative adversarial network) created from a DIY data set of images of the women participating and other women the collective find inspirational.

A collaborative project developed with Coral Manton and the growing WRAI community of women.

Branding: Intercity with women from WRAI

Women Reclaiming AI : Birgitte Aga (UK), Coral Manton (UK), Credit- Jürgen GrünwaldWRAI installed at ARS Electronica 2019 – Image Credit Jürgen Grünwald.



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