The Infinite Guide 2018

The Infinite Guide is a speculative art work, powered by a conversational AI, (a natural language human-computer interface), which takes place simultaneously online and in two physical locations; at FACT in Liverpool and at KARST in Plymouth where it culminates in an exhibition and concludes with a program of public talks and workshops 1st – 9th September 2018.

The project sets out a provocation around an artificially mediated future driven by techno-dreams and spiritual yearnings for supernatural redemption. It conjures a near future where AI systems have become intimate and prophesying intermediaries. With their anticipatory whispers fuelled by personal data, they predict your needs, sway your actions, and summon faith in the technological through promises of digital transcendence from mortality.

The work is grounded in the proposition that as the complexity and power of intelligent systems expand beyond human comprehension, faith is reintroduced, positioning the computational system as an ideological and mythic incarnation of an emergent artificial spiritual guide. A guide residing in cathedrals of computation (Bogost, 2015).

The AI system powering the installation is a LSTM Recurrent Neural Net, trained with a corpus of data aggregated from a collection of writings from luminaries of the transhumanist movement such as Ray Kurzweil, Martine Rothblatt, Nick Bostrom, Gray Scott, Zoltan Istvan, Aubrey de Grey, FM-2030, Steve Fuller and Natasha Vita-More. It will generate its own responses based on its training data, representing a biased, and intentionally provocative, view on the future of  human immortality.

This research is part of an ongoing enquiry which explores the emergent social relationship between humans and artificial intelligence systems, driven by personal data and interacted with through affective natural language interfaces (‘things that do, talk and feel’). It speculates around a near future living with affective conversational systems that imbues the potential of connecting with users emotionally, unfolding influence and power within these social interactions, impacting the social construction of reality itself.

Collaboration: i-DAT Collective with Intercity

Role: Lead Artist / Producer / Technologist

Animation by: Intercity

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