Emoti-OS 2017

Emoti-OS is a chatbot. It uses conversations with its users to understand the collective mood of pupils at Plymouth School of Creative Arts (UK). It is created for and with these pupils to give students a voice and a way to express how they collectively feel about important matters at the school.

The project is a collaboration with the i-DAT Collective, pupils and staff at Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Intercity and Controlled Frenzy. Emoti-OS speculates if a chatbot, (a computer program that mimics conversation with people using artificial intelligence), with a visual and emotionally driven character, could engage and reflect the overall collective mood of a school in real time. Whilst doing so, also acting as a channel for pupils and staff to express how they feel and see how others feel, in real-time, about their learning environment.

The project questions if such systems can generate increased levels of awareness and empathy within these spaces through playful, responsive and emotive conversations, and be a medium for social impact and artistic innovation rather than commercial exploitation.

The project is funded through Plymouth City Council’s DATA Play initiative and i-DAT with Plymouth University.

Collaboration: i-DAT Collective with Plymouth School of Creative Arts,  Intercity and Controlled Frenzy

Role: Artist / Producer / Technologist/ Designer

Animation by: Intercity



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