TIWWA 2016

This Is Where We Are (TIWWA) is an immersive and interactive algorithmic sculpture fuelled by the data we collectively generate. This dynamic digital prototype created by i-DAT working with Tate Collective London and Intercity for the opening of the new Tate Modern Switch House on the 17 – 19 June 2016.

The creation of the sculptural artefacts, as well as systems driving them, where forged through interplay between data, algorithms and people. Environmental, behavioural and social media data was harvested and represented in real time as a dynamic and changing image of an abstracted artificial reality on its surface.

It invited audiences to play, seducing them to interact whilst simultaneously harvesting and learning, predicting and attempting to influence their behaviour and interactions. With its static and roaming sculptural fragments, as connected algorithmic extensions of the system, it affected the behaviour and movement of people in the space.

i-DAT Collective with Tate Exchange and Intercity

Role: Artist / Producer / Technologist/ Designer

Documentation video by: Another Robot

URL: http://www.tiwwa.me/ http://quorum.i-dat.org/tiwwa/




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