ECO-OS, an ecological Operating System, creates environmental sensing prototypes and networks for the harvesting, processing and manifestation as environmental data as artworks and research. The system collects data from an environment through a network of Ecoids (sensing probes) and provides the public, artists, engineers and scientists with a real time model of the environment.

The system was implemented as part of ‘Confluence’ a new arts, technology and environment project delivered in partnership with Beaford Arts, the North Devon Biosphere Foundation and Appledore Arts. Confluence commissioned four artists – Simon Ryder, Simon Warner, Jon Pigott and Antony Lyons – to work with schools in the North Devon Biosphere on creating new data-driven artwork inspired by various sites along the river.

Three new prototype Ecoids was created for rivers and air which was later exhibited as part of the Confluence Exhibition.

Data Ecologies, a symposium held that, invited creatives, academics, scientists and technologists to share ‘instruments’ or provocative prototypes and practises that, through the use of data, enhance our understanding of the world and our impact on it, defining a range of trans-disciplinary strategies and projects to manifest complex ecologies – to make the invisible visible.

Collaboration: i-DAT Collective with Beaford Arts, the North Devon Biosphere Foundation and Appledore Arts

Role: Producer / Technologist / Designer

Processing Sketch: Simon Lock



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