Bi-OS DataLab 2011

Bio-OS allows intimate biological information to be collected from the users body. It offers subtle and complex combinations of biological (in its broadest sense) sensing technologies to build data models of a body over time.

These data models are stored locally as bioids and collected within the users personal data-base building a biological footprint alongside their individual ecological footprint. The users Avatar can be used to reflect and distribute the biological model.

The Bio-OS Datalab developed prototype technologies that make data generated by the body (heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response) tangible – to nurture new arts practice and scientific research.

Working in partnership with E-Health and Health Informatics at Plymouth University, the project was developed through a series of collaborative ‘DataLabs’ and artist commissions for: Katy Connor, Hannah Wood and Slingshot.

A research publication of the project ‘Bio-OS: DIY Human Geography v1.0.’ was created in collaboration with Tom Barwick and Dean Owens.

i-DAT Collective with E-Health and Health Informatics and Arts Council England

Role: Producer / Technologist / Designer / Artist

Diagram by: Lee Nutbean





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