The “Moby-Dick Big Read” envisioned by Philip Hoare, the author of “Leviathan, or The Whale,” and the artist Angela Cockayne in partnership with Peninsula Arts at Plymouth University commissioned the i-DAT Collective to deliver the digital platform offering Herman Melville’s epic, Moby Dick, as a chapter a day read by a different individual (from such as Stephen Fry, Sir David Attenborough and Tilda Swinton). Each chapter was furthermore accompanied by an original work of art.

Mike Phillips and B Aga from the i-DAT Collective was also commissioned to produce a digital artwork for chapter 117 of the novel. The project reached over 4 million people online. The project was a prototype in engaging readers in new ways through rethinking the digital curation of literature works.

Philip Hoare, Angela Cockayne with Peninsula Arts Plymouth University, the i-DAT Collective and Intercity

Role: Artist & Technologist / Producer




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