RE+Collective 2020

The Re+Collective is a prototype design activist community. The collective will advocate, upskill, and create opportunities for women, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people in creative technology development. It will proactively create spaces for people to access, create and experiment with emergent technologies. The Collective embrace the great opportunities technological innovation can have in creating new experiences and products that have a cultural, social, environmental impact.

To combat the negative impact of technology designed without diversity, the Re+Collective apply an inclusive approach to technology development.  They aim to activate people through workshops and co-designed creative technology projects that share skills, encourage discussion, and create opportunities for people to access current and future technologies. In doing so they create opportunities for people to take part and have a say in the current and future impact of technology (on society, the environment, and the individual).

The first pilot project of the Re+Collective is the Looking For The Cloud (LFTC) prototype, in partnership with The Eden Project, which addresses the challenges presented by cloud computing and the increasing energy demands of the internet. Using terminology like ‘The Cloud’ stops users of online services thinking about the materiality and energy usage of the internet. The aim of the project is to encourage users of online services to think about how the internet uses power – and therefore has a carbon impact. Through the LFTC prototype the Re+Collective raises awareness and promotes a more sustainable future for the internet and ‘The Cloud”. Simultaneously this pilot project generates opportunities for women to experiment and work with creative technologies.

The project is initiated by a team of artists, activists and creative technologists which include Dr Birgitte Aga, Ellie Foreman, Nema Hart, Sam Howey Nunn, Coral Manton, Rachel Smith, and Elvia Vasconcelos and is funded by the South West Creative Technology Network.